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New UN proposal catagories

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Quote Fris via the NS board...

Yep, we finally got around to adding some new UN categories. No longer do you have to resign yourselves to repealing the same old mish-mash. Now you can create brand new categories of crappy proposals to cry about and vote down!

Here are the first two that we've implemented (yes, there are potentially more in the works). Note that these are more multi-purpose than most previous proposal categories. If you like this idea, we may have a few more surprises to add to the mix.

Advancement of Industry
A resolution to develop industry around the world
Areas of effect:
* Environmental Deregulation
* Labor Deregulation
* Protective Tariffs
* Tort Reform

Education and Creativity
A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts
Areas of effect:
* Artistic
* Educational
* Cultural Heritage
* Free Press
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