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invasion rules changing???

Sirocco's blog last entry and

This thread on the forum

Rep's blog

Spring is in the air... Or maybe that's just change?
Spring is coming, the hillsides are falling because of sudden storms, and invaders and defenders from all regions are on pins and needles with breathless anticipation of the changes being foreshadowed on Nationstates.

Or maybe that's just the moderators heaving a pre-emptive sigh of relief from the knowledge that we'll no longer have to try and navigate those murky grey waters of the invasion rules?

Some hints, as I'd like to delude myself into thinking people actually read this modblog...

*It should eliminate ALL the grey areas of invasion rules as we know it that seem to always piss off certain Nationstates player organizations.

*It shouldn't affect the Warzones at all. For those who will likely wish to engage in more "traditional" or even "oldskool" invading/defending.

*The mods will probably start placing bets in the OMG SEKRIT FORUM on how long until the first complaints are raised by invaders/defenders who don't like the change simply because it IS a change.

*Traditional invasion/defense tactics will need to be rethought, and new tactics developed. Hopefully adding a bit more depth to the invasion game.

Salusa, Pythagosaurus, [violet], and lo, even Max Barry himself are going over the finishing touches as we speak.
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