G. R. (trevelyanl85a2) wrote in nationstates,
G. R.

Coup in The North Pacific!

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I think TNP has more coups than any other region in the game. lol.
Only one coup ahead of TWP :P

TNP count: 3
TWP count: 2
TP count: 1?
Ah, yeah, TWP. I always forget about the coups there; I remember the good old days when just TNP was in disarray, lol.

Deleted comment

Many players choose to make the feeders their permanent home. I remember when TNP had a coup back in 2004. I was upset. Then there was another months later ... and I left.

While I hope things work out, this is also a great time to encourage displaced nations to move to other regions. ;)
Yea, some people actually consider feeder regions their homes, especially since they have generated a fair bit of activity, sir.